Don a Hairnet - Save a Life

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

January’s first week is over & done – so how are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along?  

If one of yours was to get involved, volunteer or “do something good for someone else”…guess what? We have an opportunity for you right here at Prince of Peace.  Matter of fact, right here in this very space, right where you are seated now.

From January 27-31 we’re going to transform our Worship space into a food-packing, child-saving, life-changing space. 

Our goal is to pack 1.2 to 1.5 million meals for Feed My Starving Children over five days.  Sound overwhelming?  Well, maybe.  But think about it.  If each of us come for one shift and brings a friend, co-worker or family member, together we could reach our FMSC goal and YOU can place a check mark next to one of your New Year’s Resolutions.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Nah, that’s not for me.  I won’t know what to do. And you have to wear one of those funny hair nets…”

Well, yes, you get to wear a hair net.  But there will be a friendly volunteer to show you what to do. And you’ll get to laugh, work together and feel your heart fill up as you pack each meal for a starving child half a world away.

Of course, monetary donations are needed too – we need to raise $170,000 to cover the expenses of this life-changing endeavor. So whether you give of your financial resources or give of your time, please join us to Be the Hands to Change the World…