Albers Design

We’re a husband & wife, architect-interior designer team 

This makes us distinctly different from other firms in Minnesota. Educated in both architecture and interior design, we combine the art and science of interior design with architecture.  And because we’re married, inspiration may come at any time – while working at the office or cooking dinner together at home. You’ll benefit by having a “his & hers” perspective on your project.

We’ll be your advocate 

With our exclusive CMA Advantage™ construction management process, we’ll handle the construction of your project, working with plumbers, electricians and carpenters on your behalf. Most importantly, we are your trusted advocate during construction. We represent your interests, expectations, and integrity of outcome. You will enjoy all of the “fun” of construction without the headaches. This approach gives you the ultimate control and directs more of your investment to the project, not to markups and overhead. (Learn more on our Process page).

We’ll get to know you

The design and construction of a typical project can last over six months, so we’re going to spend a lot of time together. We’ll get to know each other well, and we’re fortunate to call many of our clients friends.

We understand busy families

With two teenagers of our own, we get juggling work, sports, recitals, and homework – and how a functional, stylish home can support a thriving modern family. We’ve lived in a small home, so we understand how to make one efficient and functional. And, we’ve lived in a larger home, so we know how to make one cozy. Big or small, your home should be a haven for your family.